Letter #15: Sunny with a 99% Chance of Rain

Hello again family/friends, sorry I did not write yesterday. Apparently when a transfer week comes up the p-day changes to Tuesday. So if I ever don’t write again on Monday it is because it is transfer week. Its been a pretty short week. It feels like yesterday I just got to Tokuyama. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers they have helped. This week was not as hard as last week. It has felt like things have gotten a little better in some ways and in others its still the same.

Nothing has really happened this week. The day after p-day I went and ate okonomiyaki for the first time. It was this small shop and its was really good.

A short little experience I had was, one day it was very slow and throughout the day I was talking to the mission president and  the doctors. We spent quite a bit of time at the apartment then at the church doing these language test things. It went way longer than we thought. As we finished we heard someone come in the church building. It was this really nice member and her son. Her name was Kawakami-shimai. She said that when she saw us it really made her day better. She said she had a rough week and struggled a lot but today she saw little blessings and felt God’s love and just seeing us made her feel that much better. We had a short little discussion about some things and talking about how great some blessing are even though it has been hard. She didn’t realize it but seeing her share her experience really helped me out.

Yesterday I spent the day in Hofu which is the area next to mine. My companion had to go to a trainers meeting in Fukuoka so I stayed with the elders in Hofu for the day. It was fun hanging out with them but the event turned sour when it began to rain and the wind picked up. It was like a mini typhoon. My umbrella I got at home was a piece of junk. Water kept on leaking through the top and the wind kept on making it fall apart. Plus to top that all off I had no jacket and was just in a white short sleeve shirt. Why? Because it didn’t look like it was going to rain before I left. We walked probably about 4-5 miles in the weather going from place-to-place. We had to stop at a convenience store so that I could buy a new umbrella. At that point I was completely soaked. After walking around a lot we moved back to the eki and ate dinner with my comp and those elders. I had a real good katsudon and we split this big big parfait (not sure how you spell it) I’ll send a picture.

The weather here is so strange. Especially this week. One day it would be sunny the next a mini typhoon next cloudy with super humidity then sunny again then it would rain the whole day. Then today it is sunny and hot out. It doesn’t make too much sense lol. I wont be transferring to a new area for my technical second transfer so I will probably be here a while.

Mentally I think I am doing a little bit better but physically it is still a little tough. But I am hanging in there thanks to my great companion, loving family and extended family who give me great encouragement, a great mission president, and wonderful members. Only thing left to say is 1 transfer down, probably 14 more to go.