Letter #37: A Much Needed Rest

So this week has been another quick one! My companion was super sick this week with a really bad stomach virus that lasted three days! Luckily he is better now and I have not gotten sick yet. So before he got sick we had interviews with our mission president and they went very well :) Our mission president is a very very kind guy and super spiritual. He hinted that I may become I trainer but I don’t believe it lol same with my companion who is our current district leader. We’ll see what next transfer brings in the next couple weeks. Can you believe that October is getting close to being over? I cant believe it. This month has gone by pretty fast.

We met with a mami-san again the other day and had dinner at her house. She is really nice and same with her family. They always treat us really nicely (like children or strange aliens) so they freak out with ever little thing we do since were are not Japanese. It’s pretty funny.

We met with so much less actives this week and members. One in particular was W________again. I don’t remember if i talked about her before, how she is currently hospitalized with Parkinson’s. We make her a cake as took some other gifts over to her. She was really happy and seemed fully of energy.

Though one of the most heartbreaking things happened yesterday. We went to go visit this one member named M_______, we went to her house but it looked like she moved. After discerning her whereabouts we went over to her new apartment. She asked us to help bring her turtle from her old house to the new house. So we went back over to her house and entered. It was so small and old, everything was old and coming apart. Concrete was showing everywhere. The house looked like it was used back in the 1800’s. We could not believe she was living in that place. It made me count my blessings that we have such a nice home.

That’s my week! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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