Letter #25: Still Here in Tokuyama

Hey family, its again another week passed by. Its been a slow week in some ways. Not very much success but we are still trying. Last Monday, or the one before I talked about a certain Tanaka girl who we had that really cool miracle with. Unfortunately, we ended up dropping her. She would always being friends that would want to fight and it was so tough on us since we both are still rough at the language. But the member who jointed with us had his testimony strengthened so at least something good came of it 😀

Life is Japan is still interesting, very nice in some ways. We visited a lot of inactive members last week and regular members as well. We have been trying to look for ways to strengthen the members here. I decided we should so a pizza party. I am gonna channel my inner Dad and make homemade pizzas next week. Should be fun :)

I recently found a good President Monson talk from the April 1991 General Conference. You should show it to everyone. He actually quotes Home Alone in it. The talk is titled “Never Alone“. I found another from him from April 1990 called “My Brothers Keeper“. Check them out. They may be worth sharing during a FHE or something.

Not really much to say about this week really, I’m sorry I would write it longer but I don’t know what to say. lol

– ブライス長老