Letter #6

Well, here we are again. I’d make a comment about the days going by fast by from here on out I’ll just assume you know.

This week was interesting and was full of some great experiences. On Sunday they called me to be district leader for our district. Yep. First leadership calling I’ve ever had in my life probably. It has been a interesting ride so far and is not that difficult but it is fun seeing a different side of the MTC through a leader’s lenses.

We got our Japanese name tags last week. Well, not our official ones but ones that are in kana for the TRC. It is so cool. I will have to send a picture if I have time today. But unfortunately we can’t wear them all the time in the MTC. Due to no one being able to know who we are.

I’ve been finding it a little difficult to get focused during study (mostly because being cooped up in a room for 7 weeks just gets to you) but once I started using the planner they give you it has been a lot better so I am grateful for that.

We also had Skype TRC yesterday. We Skyped this one nihonjin from California. It was fun and I got two referrals from him which was surprising. He said “go teach my ex-wife in Kagoshima and tell her to come back.” It was pretty cool. I hope I get to be in that area so I can be able to do that. Pray for that! Or in Fukuoka city where I can try to find his other contact he gave me. Our lesson with him was fun. I just shared an experience that I’ve had with faith and talked a little about faith. It was fun and afterwords it made me really excited to go to Japan. He also spoke English so we had a small little crutch to lean on sometimes, but overall it went well.

Our senpai left today that we have been with for a while now. It’s sad cuz we became so close to those elders. But they are going to a better place and we will be close behind them soon enough. I think we have 3 weeks left :O It feels like a dream that I’ll be heading there in that short amount of time. I’m way excited and can’t wait to teach the people of Japan!

With love,