Letter #11: Long, Long Week

So I don’t have much to write so I will make this a bit brief. I’ll try to answer these questions to the best of my ability.

How’s my companion? Well he is super obedient, follows the letter of the law, and is always going 90 miles an hour. It is hard to keep up with him but I try.

Bike riding is, well, bike riding. I wish I would of listened to the prompting back at home to practice and get used to it.

Last Tuesday we went to Kagoshima. I got to see the volcano Sakurajima. They told me it is always erupting. We had a zone conference there. It is way more pretty than here in Miyakonojo. My area reminds me of home in someways.

There is this old couple called the N_______ and the old guy looks just like Grandpa Roberts. No joke and the wife looks like a smaller Grandma Roberts. They may be clones haha. I was just sitting in sacrament meting looking at him from the side and was like “that’s grandpa”.

For our p-days we don’t do much. I am usually just so exhausted that I don’t want to go out at all. A couple days ago we went to a yakiniku “grilled meat” restaurant which really cheered me up. It was really good.

Our lessons have been going well I think. I hardly understand what’s going on in a lesson lol so I try my best even if I can only bear my testimony. Tomorrow is our 2-day iPad training in Kagoshima. I will try to take more pictures. Once I get my iPad I can read mail anytime I just can’t reply until Monday. So send letters whenever after Wednesday.