Letter #20: “ありがとう”

Hello family, another week has passed by. Today is transfer calls, I am 100% likely to stay in Tokuyama but sadly my great companion Elder Martin is going home. (I am a little jealous, lol.)

This week we hit the ground hard and did a lot of finding. Unfortunately this week I had a cold but I was able to get work done slowly but surely. I wanted to give Elder Martin a really good last week. I think in the end it turned out pretty well. This week’s weather has been rainy and humid. One day we had this huge amount of fog—it felt like I was breathing in cloud.

A couple days ago we had companion exchanges with the Hofu elders last Saturday. I went with Elder Smith from Minnesota. We met this really nice lady with a family that had super great potential. Unfortunately we were unable to make a return appointment but she said we could come by again. It was interesting to go with someone else and see how they find people.

Last night we met with a couple of our investigators that recently have been hard to get lessons with. We met with then and gave them bread just to show our love and appreciation. One of which was T____________ who is this super golden lady. She when she was young had a really bad disease and was bedridden for a very long time. During this time her mother passed away and she thought that she could only get better if a miracle happened. Sure enough she prayed and got better. She really believes in miracles. We really think she can be baptized but sadly, her father is against religion and won’t let us meet with her. (Even though she is like 52 and the father is like 85). Last night we she was telling us about the word “thank you” and how its such a powerful word. She said everyday when she wakes up and thanks God for everything. She also told us to say thank you and to always cherish our mothers. So this week even though its Father’s Day just like to give thanks to mom and dad for always being great to me. Happy Fathers Day!

– Elder Bryce the Older

P.S. Last week I bought a yukata which is this traditional festival wear in Japan. Here is a picture: