Letter #24: Full of Misfortune

Hello family, hope everyone is doing okay today and this week. Thank you for your letters!

This week has been one crazy week. It seems like bad luck keeps on happening to my companion. His bike got a flat tire, had had three hole in the tire! We had to walk all the way to the next city over which is Kudamatsu. It felt like 2-3 miles in a insane amount of heat. It was soooo hot that day. We sought refuge in a mall where we ate at McDonalds. Here a great little fun fact, the McDonalds here is actually sooo good. The food tastes a million times better, actually tastes fresh if you can believe it. My companion’s iPad has also been acting up recently. So we have been in the process of getting that fixed. We are also super low on money this month due to us running out of some important stuff that were a little expensive.
Don’t know how we will survive until the end of the month! That is something interesting about Japan. Everything just feels more expensive here than normal. Expensive in some ways and inexpensive in other ways. But things add up so quick! lol I am now making money-planning goals and stuff so we can spend wisely. It’s a little rough but interesting.

This week other than this week has been very slow and such. Not really much happened. We had a really fun time last night when we were invited over to the bishops house to teach their youngest daughter another of the after-baptism lessons. We ate dinner there and helped their daughters with some of their English homework. It was pretty funny, it got to the point where one of the girls was trying to teach me basic math. Their mom was just cracking up the whole time. It was a neat experience.

Other than those things it has been a pretty slow and kinda relaxing week. I’ve been feeling a lot more happy and stuff. My companion Elder Harmon is great. We are so alike it’s crazy so we have so much fun.

Anywho, that’s about all that is going on here. If you have any questions for next week include them and I will try to talk about it.

– ブライス長老

The students in our English class
The students in our English class