Letter #36: Knocking on Rocky’s Door

Hello family and friends, here is another report on the coming and goings of myself here in the valley of Omuta. Its about 3 weeks into the transfer now. Its kinda crazy how much time flies sometimes. This week has been super busy, filled with service, companion exchanges, General Conference, etc. Been a great week even though it has gotten a bit cooler here. Oh, happy birthday Andy :) I hope you have a great one!

This week started out with us doing service again with R_______ at his mountain and second house. We went on top of his roof and cleaned off the dead leaves and then went to his third house on his mountain and had Somen again. It was nice. Last Friday we did companionship exchanges with the Zone Leaders in our zone. I split with Elder Stump. He was a very nice hardworking guy. During our exchange we went to the hospital again. Which is always a wonderful time.

This week we also had a quite somber visit to a “less active”. I put it in quotes because I think she would come to church if she could but she has Parkinson’s and is hospitalized at the moment. We visited her and she is alone. Her husband has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t even remember her. Her children also rarely come to visit. She kept saying that she just wants to yell at God. It is pretty sad. So we decided we are going to visit her at the hospital every week and bring her some treats.

Lastly we have seen General Conference. Which was so nice. It was great to finally have a break from the missionary stuff and just have a day of sitting and watching conference. I really enjoyed Elder Hollands talk on mothers. (It made me miss my wonderful loving mother though lol) and I also enjoyed Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk in the first session. Was a pretty great conference! Yesterday we watched the last two sessions with R________ and her family while helping her decorate her house for Halloween. It was pretty fun and relaxing.

That’s about it for the week :) been really good and quick. have a great week!

Elder Bryce