Letter #35: Through the Gate

Well, I am still here in Omuta. Trucking through Turn 5 of the mission. This week has been an eventful week. Very busy. This biggest thing that happened was a member baptism. The I______’s daughter turned eight last Sunday so we had a service. It was pretty cool to finally see a baptism here in japan even though it was not for an investigator lol. She was really cute and it was a great experience. We spent the day prior setting up the portable font at our church. Our church here is small and is on the second floor of a building. We had to set up the font and fill it with water. It took such a long time! Took our entire afternoon!

Other than that we met with a lot of other members throughout the week giving service and such. Service is in such great abundance here. There always opportunities to help members and such. Even though our branch is small there people here are so cool to be around (even if some of them are a little crazy). They are always so generous filling our fruit basket (basket for donations to the missionaries) all the time. It is great to see their love and appreciation for us. Throughout these experiences I have realized how important missionaries are. If us elders were not here in Omuta, they would not have enough worthy priesthood holders to pass and bless the sacrament and among many other things. Missionaries are really relied on to strengthen a small branch. In our home ward and singles ward I never really saw the missionaries and their effects. So it is great to see the effects here firsthand.

I think one of my favorite things this week was having donkotsu ramen (famous Fukuoka ramen) for the first time. it was sooo good. Probably in the top 5 foods I have ever had. Why don’t they have that in America?! Another food I enjoy here is their Indian curry. There is this really good (but a little expensive) curry I get here which is called Panner Butter Curry. Its like this tomato-y curry with this cheese stuff in it. Its so delicious. Soooo good. Anyway that was my week, have a wonderful week!

Elder Bryce