Letter #19: “It’s not natural, none of it.”

Hello family,

This week has gone by somewhat fast. Days are seeming to pick up quite a bit. I have a few things to comment on about Japan. First off it the weather. It has been so strange. One day it would be sunny, next raining all day, next super sunny death then super humid then rain all day. It is just so strange and not natural at all. The humidity here is really killer some days. Feels like I am breathing in water at times like when your in the shower and right after you turn off the water there is all that steam in the air.

This week was super busy, it seems like every night we were booked with something to do. Last p-day we taught this investigator called M_____, she is a Filipino and can speak English pretty well so we have been teaching her in English. Our last lesson with her was very spiritual. We taught the restoration and it went well. She is actually Catholic which is very surprising around here. We are teaching her tonight hoping to make a baptism date. Pray for that! She has this really cute kid name S_____ who is full of energy. Japanese kids are so cute here. You just can help but melt every time you talk with one. They are just soooo cute, lol.

On Saturday we went to this one service project we do once a transfer here in Tokuyama. It is called aragumi. In this activity we put old damaged photos in new photo albums for people. The photos were from people who were affected by that big tsunami that happened a couple years ago. So all the photos have water damage and stuff. So they scan them in the computer try to restore them and put the old ones in photo albums with protective covers. It was a lot of fun. We met a lot of interesting people. I talked with this one lady for a couple hours, she was so nice and so surprised about how much I new about Japanese pop culture and stuff. It was fun!

This next week is Elder Martin’s (my companion) last full week in the mission field. He has been such a blessing to me really. I am trying to make this a really good week for him by trying to work harder and help more. Next week is transfer week which means my next letter might be a day late. Our mission president is changing as well next week. The new mission president’s name is Bradley Egan.

Glad the package was able to get there fast! Yes, Black Thunders are an amazing candy. Second best thing here. First is this Calpis drink. Love you all and talk to you again next week!

– Elder Bryce the Older

P.S. Sending a pic of this good Indian curry place we went to. And Andy better have gotten that movie quote from the title of this letter. Lol.