Letter #4: One month down, one to go!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello family!

Week 5 (according to the schedule) is here. As always the days just go by so fast. One month down one more to go. I think we are at the halfway mark.

Things here are the same: wake up, gym, study, lunch, class, dinner, class, bedtime. Everyday I sit in my bed at night and think the time is so short here even though it is 9 weeks. Every day just blends together.

I don’t know if I said this last week but I got a calling in my zone. I am the sacrament coordinator. So basically I set up the sacrament before the meeting then assign two people to bless and four to pass. Really easy job, though I had to remember back to how to set up the sacrament. I haven’t done it since I was a Teacher long ago lol.

Food is still meh, but last P-day we ate at the temple for lunch. It was soooo good. We are going again today. The temple food is much better than anything they serve here at the MTC. At the temple we did initiatory’s. It was nice to be reminded of those blessings. I am excited to go again today to do an endowment session.

Every gym period I have been walking/jogging for an hour around the indoor track here. It is the best place where I can have thoughts to myself and daydream. It is very nice lol.

My companion and district has been doing well. They have gotten a lot better since last week when the branch presidency talked to us about focusing.

Teaching has gotten so much better. It feels like our lessons just get better and better. Our teacher Wilson-kyodai said that our previous lesson we taught him (about the atonement) was so good. He said it was the best lesson he has ever received here while working here. I could feel the gift of tongues coming. I relied on the Spirit and it felt like the language puzzle was connecting slowly. It was such an amazing experience. I got a little teary in the lesson trying to explain how the atonement has lifted me up and strengthened me. He said he could feel the Spirit and we explained to him the Holy Ghost for a brief moment.

Other lessons have gotten better as well with our other investigators. Teaching is so much fun in Japanese. :) TRC this week went incredible too, we taught two nihonjin women and its was sooooo cool.

Anyway that has been my week. It has been fun. Not really much to write about. I love teaching the gospel and I can’t wait to share it with the rest of Japan!

Elder Bryce