Letter #22: This Week’s Miracles

Hello family, I hope everyone has been doing well. It seems like some pretty crazy stuff is happening at home. Will pray for all of you, Kari and the cousins, and you mom.

This week has has been a nice one full of surprises. First surprise of the week was I feel like my Japanese is improving quite a bit. Been able to speak well, a little broken but it can be understood. Feels like a blessing lol it is pretty fun to speak a different language. It always bring me joy even though its difficult.

Second big surprise of the week was a giant miracle. Here is the
story: We were doing this ping pong FHE activity at the church with an elder who’s mission just ended and he was touring the area with his family. Before the meeting started we were chatting with his family when suddenly two people who we didn’t know walked into the church building. I approached them and the one girl said she wanted to learn about our church! She wanted a lesson right then and there so we brought her up to the second floor and talked. Apparently she has been searching for the true church with no contradictions. It’s so crazy, what a miracle. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said she would gladly read anything we give her. We are meeting with her tonight and she seems really excited to learn.

Third really good thing this week was during that activity one sister from the ward (which I talked about before in a previous letter with her and her son). She is the sweetest thing and is so spiritual. During this activity I ended up translating for her and Elder Jensen’s mother. Their interaction was wonderful I felt the Spirit so strongly. They were talking about their lives as moms and missions etc. During the exchange she gave her a hug and started crying because she was so happy that she got to meet her. We realized in that moment that the Spirit is always the same no matter what language you speak.

Also one other small little miracle, we were housing Saturday night near this one members house. I got a thought that we should visit them so we knocked on their door and they were so happy to see us. The sister was feeling a little down but she said just seeing us made her feel joy. Then the next day on fast Sunday, she bore her testimony saying how she loves us and the work we do because she was feeling very down because of some stuff in her life. Things were very hard but we came knocking and it made her realize that God is looking out for her. It is amazing what kind of impact you can have on people as a missionary.

Those are my miracles for the week. Thanks for the letters everyone and I look forward to reading from you next week!