Letter #8: The Final Days of the MTC

Well, well, well. I am almost done with my MTC stay here. Again it feels like only yesterday that you all dropped me off at the MTC. The journey has been incredible. I felt like my testimony has grown quite a bit. I feel like I’ve gotten out of my shell a little bit, peeking out, glancing at the world below. It is scary. I’ve really gotten used to the MTC. I feel a little scared but I have everyone’s hopes, prayers and the Lord on my side. I know I will be able to do it. I am very excited to see a new world that I’ve always longed to see.

I leave Monday morning at 6am from the MTC. We fly to Seattle, WA then change flights to Tokyo then change flights again to Fukuoka. Its incredible. When I got my plans it all sunk in. I’m going to Japan very very soon. Thanks everyone for the prayers and support you’ve given me they mean so much!

Not much has been going on this week we had our last three official days and now we are on a downhill slope. P-day today, in-field orientation all day tomorrow and then General Conference. Easy week but it is probably going to go by so slowly.

Our investigators have been progressing well and I’ve learned so much from our teachers here. Yesterday we had a testimony meeting at the end of our last lesson with Bingham-kyodai—the Spirit was really powerful.

This week I’ve been studying the Book of Ether and Moroni 7. I’ve learned so much more rereading through it. I think that is all thanks to the MTC as well. In a movie talk we watched titled “The Character of Christ” given by David A. Bednar he challenged everyone to buy a new paperback Book of Mormon and reread/study sections. Use the notes in the back and the margins to make a notes and write down questions that you have. I’ve been doing this challenge since our first Sunday here. It has helped so much. It makes you read the BoM in a different light. So I challenge everyone else to do the same 😀 its a really great challenge!

Anyway, you all probably wont get a letter for two weeks. Since next Monday (our new p-day day, probably) I’ll be flying to Japan! Love you all and thanks for your support in all things! Before I go, I also think everyone should listen to the song Nearer my God to Thee, that song has been stuck in my head all week and has strengthened me. Perfect song 😀