Letter #26: Up the Hill

Hello family, this week has been a quick one! There is not a lot to write about this week but I will try my best to not write just a couple sentences. As I said this week was pretty fast. We went hard with finding this week but its has been super hard to find people that are willing to listen. But we are still trying. Housing and stuff is really difficult in japan.

We had a fun ping pong activity this Thursday. But sadly the turn out was bad only one person showed up. But we were able to make a activity with him in two weeks. We are going to go to a nearby store and learn to make okonomiyaki. Should be really fun. Hopefully I won’t transfer seeing how transfers are next week.

This week has been super hot, feels like Arizona summer weather but worse because of the humidity. It has been a nightmare, I actually miss Utah weather to be honest if you can believe it. We have been trying to meet with this investigator named M__________, she is a Philippine and can speak English. I am pretty sure I talked about her before. Over the last couple of weeks we have been hit with bad luck and have been unable to meet her. But a couple of days ago we visited her just to see how she was doing. She seemed well but a little sick. It was just nice to finally meet with her again.

Recently, I have been going through a lot of old general conference talks 70-90’s. There is some really good ones in there. I’ll make a list and send it next week of some good ones to check out. Anyway, that is what’s going on around this town the past week. Sorry its not a lot to talk about its just hard to find things to write about lol.

Elder Bryce (the older)