Letter #21: Little Miracles

Well another week has passed by. There is not too much that happened this week other than transfers. Sadly Elder Martin went home, but my new companion is pretty interesting. His name is Elder Harman and he is from Colorado. He pretty much loves the same stuff as I do so we get along really well. He also doesn’t talk much so it pushes me to contribute more which I have been wanting to get better at. Anyway, this week has been pretty interesting. A little slow but interesting nonetheless.

Yesterday we had a couple of little miracles at church. Three of our investigators came and some other inactive members. From my last letter I mentioned T______, she actually came to church for a little bit! It was such a miracle to see her come since her dad is against her coming. It was cool. So Sunday was really great.

I’m not sure what else to put in this letter. I guess recently I have been studying Mosiah 1-4 pretty indepthly with like a scripture journal and everything. I’m kinda just breaking down each scripture getting the basic points out of it. It has made me notice things I had not noticed before.


Recently we have been finding all day long. Its been really rough to find new people to teach. Pray for Tokuyama that we can be able to find a good family or something. I love you all and thanks for your awesome letters! Until next time!


(Elder Bryce)

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