Letter #23: Another Week Gone

Hey family, how is everything going? Seeing how I just only got a letter from Mom at the moment I guess everyone is pretty busy. It’s so sad to hear about Mr. Rep’s wife. That is so sad he will be in my prayers.

This week has been a interesting one, we met the new mission president a couple days ago on Thursday. He and his wife were so nice. They brought a great spirit to the room when they entered. I look forward to getting to know them more.

We met with that one lady I talked about last Monday night. It didn’t go too well, due to her bringing about three friends and one of them was looking for a fight. Other than that, the lesson went super well. Elder Harmon and I brought a great spirit to the lesson even though that one guy was pursuing conflict. We were unable to make a return appointment but we plan on making one in the coming week with her.

Last Friday we met with the bishop’s family at his house. One of his daughters, just got baptized last February. So since she has not been able to come too often he invited us over to start after baptism lessons with her at his home. He also wanted us to come by to strengthen his wife who has been struggling to come to church for a while now. We were able to have a good lesson and get to know is daughters pretty well. He has three daughters at home and says it’s crazy just having all girls in the house.

We finally have started on the Area Book App in our iPads. This app is pretty interesting. We have to upload all our records in the area book to it. It’s a little tiring and long but we are getting through it. You can also use it to plan lessons, make other plans, tasks, see your goals and have it update automatically. It’s a pretty cool app that will make missionary work in the future be so much more convenient and easy to use.

But yeah that is about it for the highlights of this week. Other than this really hot day probably like 104 degrees with big humidity on Friday, we have been hit with constant rain for a while now. Pretty intense. Hopefully everyone had a good week today and I will see you all again next week.

Elder Bryce, The Older

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