Letter #32: Happy Birthday Dad!

Hey, shout out to my awesome dad. Turning 49! Crazy! For a present from me go out and buy a cane lol. This week went by so fast. Sadly we haven’t met with out investigator this week. We are really worried. Pray for H_______! We have we out finding a lot this week. Going from point A to point B over and over. Been trying not to be negative and thanks to it the week has felt like its flown by. Funny how that works lol.

A couple days ago we taught English at the hospital again. That has always got to be the highlight of my week. The spirit in that place is always so strong. I always wish I can do something for those kids. They are so sweet :)

I’ll tell you a little bit more about my current comp. He is a little crazy. Crazy in a good way. His name is Elder Oliveria from Brazil. He apparently was baptized just like three years ago! Which is crazy. He loves cooking and likes things clean. He is a proud Brazilian lol. I have to reign him in a little bit, but we work well together.

We taught this less active this week named S_______. He is 75 years old and still working if you can believe it. He has an artificial leg from an accident when he was young. He talked our ears off at his little old apartment. It was so hard to understand him. He speaks Old Man Japanese (as us missionaries call it) that means you can only understand about like 1/4 of what he is saying. We got him to come to church! He was really nice.

Anyway that’s the update from me this week. Hope everyone has a great week!

– Elder Bryce (the older)

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