Letter #9: Made it!

Hey! I made it here to Japan! that flight from Seattle to Tokyo was so dang long. I was really going insane. I was beside the woman and he baby the entire flight so you can guess how that went. But I also was by one of the people from my district which was nice. After that flight went got through customs and everything safely. Then headed on a plane to Fukuoka. We got there about 10:00. We got to the Fukuoka temple which is our mission home. Its so pretty! We took pictures this morning. I’ll send some on my first p-day. I felt so sleep deprived yesterday. I didn’t sleep on the plane at all and hardly slept at the MTC. I caught a little bit up on sleep but jet-lag is real. Our mission president and his wife are so nice! Anyway, that’s all really. I’ll talk to you all more on my p-day which is probably Monday. They just are having us write short letters saying that we are alive! hope to hear from you all soon!

With love,

Elder Bryce

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