Letter #33: Eaten Alive

Hello again! I hope you are all doing great today. This week has been pretty productive. We had lots of service opportunities.

The first service opportunity we had was at a less active members house. She unfortunately has no interest in coming back so for now we are just being her friend and helping her with her English class. Her English sounds funny. Think of a really high nasally voice with a Japanese accent who is trying to speak English. I bet I sound just as funny. We had a lot of fun. She gave us Dr. Pepper as a reward at the end. I nearly shed a tear. Dr. Pepper is so hard to find here, you have to go to Costco which is very far in Okinawa. It tasted magnificent.

The next day we started a sports night activity at a nearby park. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out too well. But we were able to grab some kids that were around to play soccer with. Those kids (around jr. high age) had so much energy it was funny. After that event we taught a young men in our ward seminary at a nearby mall. The mall here is really nice. I have some pictures that I will show later.

The day after that we went to a members house (she is the one that is American, I think I talked about her in a separate letter) and helped her with trimming her grass and helping her around the house since she was sick and her baby was sick. We went to go eat out and ate oden, It was soooo good. Oden is probably my new favorite Japanese food. All it is are these oden noodles, broth, green onions and some meat. It sounds simple but it is sooooo good here.

Yesterday we met with the one guy that we teach English with at the hospital and he showed us his mountains. Yep. This guy own some mountains here. He has like 3 small Japanese houses around here and we visited all three of them. All of them were very old. We went to his house by his mountain and we helped with gathering chestnuts. It was tough because we both forgot our mosquito sprays and we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. There were so many! I was killing them left and right. We then had somen in his backyard, chilled and ate chestnuts. They were sooo good!

That was my week :)