Letter #29: Steep Cliffs

Hello family. It is me again, your favorite missionary. This week has been a fast one, extremely tired every day but I am trying to hang in there. We had some really cool miracles here. One of them was Y_______, she was a less active for 30 years, forgot everything about the church. The last two elders found her and started teaching her. She has found so much strength from the gospel and she knows deep in her heart that it is true. So much so that that when the previous missionaries taught her the Word of Wisdom she took all the tea she had in her fridge that very moment and took it to her neighbors. A couple days ago we were going to teach her the 10 Commandments but she told us how she used to be very into pachinko and dropped about $200 a month on it. She had the hardest time trying to quit but now that she started to come to church she was able to stop that addiction. Pretty cool huh? My companion calls her his recent convert that has already been baptized.

The rest of the week has been good but very long. My companion like to work super hard since he is the district leader and such so I am just following him around and stuff. Other interesting things was that we had some fun with a member’s son. We taught him seminary and ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Hamakatsu, then afterwords we went to a less active’s house to this member that has Parkinson’s disease. She was super nice and it was relaxing being in her home.

Anyway that is my small update from japan. I hope everyone has a good week :)

Elder Bryce

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